About Me

It's because I read too much,
if such a thing is possible,
that I became a writer.

You see, I waited for more than a reasonable amount of time for Stephen King to write a sequel to "The Shining." I'm kind of slow on the draw. So it took 20 years or so for it to dawn on me that there would be no more ghost stories from his direction .... and I missed ghost stories. A lot.

I love everything Charlaine Harris writers. her vampires just make me happy. But I miss classic old ghost stories. It's funny. Vampires are huge these days, but I've never yet met anyone who has actually encountered one.

By the same token, I've yet to meet anybody who doesn't have at least one creepy little ghost-related incident to share.

What's yours?

Who am I - really?

My name is Kathleen Mckenna, and I'm an Alaskan living and writing in the New Mexico Desert. I'm a  self-proclaimed writing schizophrenic who writes in two distinct genres, reality fiction about beautiful rich people whose lives have gone upside down and are usually homicide victims (so I have to talk for them), and my beloved horror novels.
I always wanted to write, so fifteen years ago I wrote an entire paragraph. Yup. And then I jumped right on it. Twelve years later I wrote my second paragraph. So I would have to say I am definitely prolific. Anyway,  after that, I must have had some strange kind of stroke because the books began to come on their own. Since that day, I haven't really done one other thing besides sitting in front of the laptop, telling stories.
My paranormal books are mainly set in the south, a region of the country I love, and the place my grandmother was born and raised. Though having said that, I have a few that are set in Los Angeles as well, because that place is where an awful lot of rich, beautiful people tend to live and die. Also, I cannot resist old Hollywood.  New York and London are my other go-to settings,with one exception: in a nod to my new state's local serial killer I placed onebook here in New Mexico.
I can't say I love everything about writing. I love the research and whether the subject is Paris Hilton or Charles Manson, its always a good time. I love the moments when you hit the sweet spot in your writing. And, of course, I love writing out the words 'The End'. The 100.000 words in the middle can be a little rough, though.
Getting published... now that's been a terrific thing all the way around, I wasn't sure I even wanted to be published while I was alive. Being published posthumously is really good for book sales. But then I met Tim Roux and Genevieve Sawchyn of Night Publishing. They are both such lovely people, and are both writers. So they made this a pure pleasure.
The main joy for me is knowing people enjoy reading what I write. I write for them. 

I love books. To write one of my own has been like a miracle to me. If there are people out there who have enjoyed reading them ... well, then I get to be one of those truly lucky humans who know what they are here for.

Oh. This is George, my muse. Say hi to the people, George.